How to Select and Trim your Meats – sponsored by CUTCO:

You will learn how to select the best cuts of meats and how to cut and trim them so you can maximize flavor and cost. Discover various cuts of meats and learn what health benefits you may enjoy.

Choose Your Weapons – sponsored by GREEN MOUNTAIN GRILLS:

Are you confused which grill or smoker to buy?  Learn the various types of cooking devises, how they work, the advantages and disadvantages so you may learn which one is for you.


Understanding and Protecting Your Brand-

Gain insight in ensuring that your product is legally shielded. Trademark, copyright and branding are elements needed to protect your company and ensure profits.

From Que’n to Catering

Ready to move from from feeding friends and family to establishing a catering business.  Learn the steps needed to become a professional caterer. Gain invaluable tips and avoid predictable pitfalls.

Promoting and Marketing Your Product

Are you ready to drive sales to your business? Identify successful methods to promote your product and learn  efficient ways to increase your BBQ company’s profits

BBQ 101 Fundamentals of  BBQ –   sponsored by

Not a certified barbecue judging class but rather an introduction into the basics of judging barbeque and undertaking the basics of successful and “tasteful” tasting.