General admission tickets, VIP tickets and VIP platinum packages are available for sale.  Cooking classes from celebrated chefs are also available.  Seats for cooking classes are limited.  For an added value, admission to lectures and workshops are included in your general admission price.


A BBQ Bash with the best in BBQ, Beer and festival food.  Sample tickets can be purchased and you can vote for your favorite BBQ team strong and their food.  Non alcohlic beverges are available. 


See the nation’s top BBQ chefs compete for prizes and bragging rights while learning more about the world of BBQ through workshops, demonstrations and exhibits.  Hear top recording artists and award winning live entertainment. Chow down on the best in the west BBQ, Beer and other food and beverages.  All included in one ticket.  Additional fees for premium cooking classes.


Join this family friendly event  dedicated to discovering the best in  BBQ, BEER and Music. Learn from top cooking experts and business  guru’s. Surround yourself with a savory crowd that will not let you down.